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"The Eventing Riders Association of North America looks forward to continuing to work with the Equine Management Training Center. The ERA of NA is committed to assimilating and leveraging the collective voice of North America���s riders, Equine Professionals, and owners in pursuit of enhancing and growing the sport of eventing in North America and we believe that our on going partnership with the EMTC will assist in bettering the sport in North America."

- Helen Murray, Executive Director
Eventing Riders Association
of North America

"The key to any professional competitor's program is their relationship with the person helping to take care of the horses. The relationship between their horses and a groom is as important as any in the team. Samantha Henley has the experience of being on international teams and has put together a program that is vital to all professional horsemen no matter the discipline. There is no other program like this in the country. All professionals will be better off knowing that their employees have been taught by the best. The program is comprehensive between classroom and hands on experience. Sam was with me during some of my most successful campaigns. Those successes were in large part because Sam was part of my team. Learn from the best."

- David O'Connor

"As a professional, the most important part of my program are the grooms. No matter how well you ride or train, the horses can't perform their best without the never ending care and attention they receive from our grooms. Every tiny detail matters and the best grooms in the business have spent years and decades mastering the craft. The Professional Equine Groom School is a fantastic program and necessary for anyone aspiring to be a top groom or wanting to learn as much as possible about caring for an equine athlete."

- Lauren Kieffer

"Being a groom you need to be selfless, confident, patient, aware, flexible, and always ready to learn. It is a lifestyle, not a job. The hours can be very long, but the rewards are very high. Sometimes it's not the big competitions that are your favorite moments, it's the quiet time at the barn that rocks your heart. A good groom is the backbone to any successful program, our job is to make sure when that rider gets on, all they worry about is riding.

- Max Corcoran

"One of the hardest positions to fill in the equestrian world is that of a top-class groom. The array of equine management skills, horsemanship, and leadership required is extraordinary. It is also remarkably rare because most of it is truly only gained from the experience of working with horses under the watchful eye of someone very educated in that role. As a result, we are an industry of mostly "on-the-job" training, which is both time consuming, wasteful and inefficient, and contributes to the devaluation of the "groom" position as an occupation. What the training center for Grooms could do for the professional horse industry, by providing an educated, certified, ready-to-hire equine management practitioner, cannot be understated. It would allow countless people who dream of a job working with horses to learn and acquire the skills necessary to do so, all the while providing horse business owners or hobbyists with a steady supply of reliable candidates for grooming positions in their barns. It would satisfy an enormous need in our growing industry."

- Will Coleman

"Sam and Suzanne have developed a thorough and challenging classroom and practical curriculum for their Professional Equine Groom School. This program will provide an outstanding service to the sport of eventing by developing individuals with profound horsemanship skills."

- Dianne Pitts, USEA President




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